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A. An animal that has violated BC 5.20.025, 5.20.035 or 5.20.040 or that lacks a required license may be seized and impounded by an officer of the Bend Police Department.

B. If an officer of the Bend Police Department is unable to apprehend such animals without risking injury to the officer or other people, the officer may kill the animal if other means to control the animal are ineffective or likely to be.

C. An impounded animal shall be placed in the animal shelter under contract with the City of Bend Police Department and shall be held by that animal shelter until the release has been authorized by the Bend Police Department, any citations issued to the animal’s owner or keeper have been resolved by the court system or until the shelter has received a court order directing the shelter to release or humanely destroy the animal.

D. When an animal is impounded, the owner or person responsible for the animal shall pay processing and boarding fees to the Bend Police Department in an amount set by City Council. The processing fee shall cover the costs of collecting and transporting the animal to the animal shelter, and the costs of administering the release of the animal. The owner or responsible person for the animal shall be responsible for any veterinary expenses necessary for the health and safety of the animal or staff. The processing and boarding fees shall be paid before the animal may be released. [Ord. NS-2248, 2015; Ord. NS-2151, 2010; Ord. NS-2142, 2010]