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A. Violations of BC 5.20.030, 5.20.035 and 5.20.040 are Class A civil infractions.

B. Violations of other provisions of this chapter are Class B civil infractions.

C. Reimbursement of Impound Costs. The Bend Municipal Court Judge may order the owner or keeper of an animal that violates any provision of this chapter to reimburse the City of Bend for any and all impound costs in excess of the fees imposed by BC 5.20.045.

D. Exclusion from Off-Leash Areas. If an animal is found in violation of the provisions of this chapter and the violation occurred in an off-leash area, the Bend Municipal Court Judge may order that the animal be excluded from all off-leash areas. [Ord. NS-2248, 2015; Ord. NS-2202, 2013; Ord. NS-2151, 2010; Ord. NS-2142, 2010]