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A. The Bend City Council may, in its discretion, designate certain areas of public parks which are owned and operated by the Bend Metropolitan Park and Recreation District (BMPRD) as areas where dogs are not required to be leashed, subject to the other provisions of this section.

B. A designation of an area as an off-leash area by the Bend City Council shall not be effective unless the BMPRD Board provides prior written notice to the Bend Chief of Police. Owners must comply with the BMPRD regulations applicable to all off-leash areas.

C. The owner or keeper of a dog that is in an off-leash area must control the dog at all times. The owner or keeper of a dog shall not allow a dog to engage in fighting with other dogs, or harass, bark at, bite, threaten or injure a person or animal.

D. If a dog or an owner or keeper is found to be in violation of this section, the dog may be excluded from the off-leash area for up to 24 hours. If a citation is issued for animal nuisance under BC 5.20.040, the dog shall be excluded from all off-leash areas, pending a review of and determination on the citation by the Judge. Returning an animal to an off-leash park after being excluded is a Class A civil infraction.

E. Dangerous animals shall not be permitted in an off-leash area under any circumstances.

F. Any owner or keeper of a dog shall be subject to a Class A civil penalty for violation of the terms and conditions of an off-leash area as provided in this section. [Ord. NS-2248, 2015; Ord. NS-2151, 2010; Ord. NS-2142, 2010]