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A. Every dog within the City that has a set of permanent canine teeth shall be licensed. The license tag shall be attached to a collar worn by the dog. The owner and/or keeper of the dog shall be found in violation of this chapter if the dog is not wearing its collar and tag or if the tag is not present on the dog’s collar at any time.

B. An owner or keeper of a dog within the City shall license the dog not later than 30 days after the person becomes the owner or keeper of the dog or establishes residence within the City.

C. Licenses shall not be required for dogs owned by dealers, breeders or exhibitors if the dogs are kept in kennels exclusively for sale or exhibition purposes, or while such dogs are being transported by dealers, breeders, or exhibitors to and from a dog show or fair. Licenses are not required for dogs that are used as service animals for persons with disabilities. A companion or therapy animal is not a service animal unless the animal has been individually trained to perform one or more tasks for a person with disabilities and trained to behave in public. [Ord. NS-2248, 2015; Ord. NS-2151, 2010; Ord. NS-2142, 2010]