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As used in this chapter, the following definitions apply:

A. Animal means domestic and exotic pets and livestock.

B. Dangerous animal means any animal that has been found by the Judge to have:

1. Without provocation, placed a person in reasonable fear of imminent physical injury; or

2. Attacked a person or domestic animal without provocation; or

3. Been trained for or used in animal fighting.

C. Exotic pet means an animal kept and maintained as a pet excluding dogs and domestic cats.

D. Judge means a Bend Municipal Court Judge, including any pro-tem Judges.

E. Keeper means, in addition to its ordinary meaning, a person, firm, association or corporation which is in possession of, in temporary control of, or who is responsible for the care of an animal. The term “keeper” also means the parent or guardian of the owner of an animal, if the owner is under the age of 18 years and the owner resides with the parent or guardian on the date of the alleged violation.

F. Off-leash area means an area designated by the Bend City Council pursuant to BC 5.20.030 as an area where dogs are not required to be leashed.

G. Owner means a person, firm, association or corporation that owns an animal.

H. Physical injury means impairment of physical condition or substantial pain.

I. Run at large means to be off the private premises where the animal is allowed to be by the person in charge of those premises and not under the complete, tethered control of the owner or keeper by adequate leash or bridle. Any animal in a vehicle shall not be considered to be “at large.” [Ord. NS-2248, 2015; Ord. NS-2151, 2010; Ord. NS-2142, 2010]