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A. The City Manager is specifically authorized to modify or suspend enforcement of any section or element of this chapter in the event of a declared emergency, pursuant to administrative rules or policies, weather conditions (including but not limited to extreme heat or cold), or for any other reason within the City Manager’s authority, regardless of whether an emergency has been declared.

B. The City Manager may adopt administrative rules or policies governing or guiding enforcement of this chapter, including but not limited to ensuring consistent and appropriate enforcement for various circumstances.

C. Enforcement should be tailored for various circumstances, including but not limited to situations where a person has a disability under the Americans with Disabilities Act, where minor children are present or otherwise involved, where a person has employment obligations that may relate to their ability to comply with the code, or for other reasons that may support discretion in enforcement.

D. Methods of enforcement for violations of this chapter are not exclusive and may consist of multiple enforcement mechanisms where legally authorized and appropriate. However, the intent of the City is to always resolve violations at the lowest possible level, and to engage to seek compliance and solve problems while maintaining the dignity of all involved. To that end, violations of this chapter should only result in citations when other means of achieving compliance have been unsuccessful, or are not practicable for the particular situation. [Ord. NS-2458, 2022]